Millard North Vocal Music


Committee Descriptions:


Costume Crew:

Costume crew is responsible for fitting, altering, and maintaining costumes for performers, and that’s a lot of students!  Work begins sometime in October and is most intensive leading up to debut of the show choir performances in December. When costumes arrive, they are all kept at MNHS and fitted before regular practices, wherever possible: students will be informed about when their fitting week is.  No costumes should be removed from the building. Once competition season begins, some of the costume crew make repairs (sew on buttons, etc.) as needed to the costumes on an ongoing basis. All sewing skill levels are encouraged to join, since it is a fun group and a great way to support the performers. If you can sew a button or hem, we need you. Any time you can give will be gratefully received, so please let us know if you are willing to sew!

Leader:  Lucy Morrison


Treat Crew: The Treat Crew creates motivational and inspirational special treats for the MNHS Show Choir program (choirs, band, roadies, stage crew and directors).  The Treat Crew brainstorms ideas for small treats to make for those in the program. The Treat Crew meets a weeknight ahead of the show choir competition to create 180+ special treats.  Previous treats have included crystal candy on a stick with a message saying, “It is crystal clear that you are going to shine at Elkhorn South’s Crystal Cup,” or a bottle of root beer with the saying, “Millard North Show Choirs, Band & Roadies/Stage Crew, we are rooting for you!” At the end of the show choir rehearsal before a show choir competition (usually Thursday night) some of the Treat Crew come to MNHS to distribute the fun treat to the students and directors to get them excited for the upcoming competition. If you are on the Treat Crew, you are not required to attend each treat making gathering.  We are all so busy. Just attend the ones that work into your schedule. Most of our planning and communicating is via email. Unless asked to create a special treat, the Treat Crew meets January - March. The Treat Crew also plans and participates in other special events as needed. This group is a great way to get to know other moms in the show choir family!

Leader:  Jennifer Fredricks & Natalie Baumhover


Dad Crew: Dad Crew is responsible for loading and unloading costumes and equipment to and from the show choir trailer, setting up the lights and risers before each group performs and tearing down after each performance at show choir competitions. Dads from each of the three show choirs are needed. This is a great opportunity for dads to get involved and to get to know each other and the students!  This group enjoys working with each other and has a lot of fun!

Leader:  Dave Jahn 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my child need to be in choir to be in show choir?

A: YES! If your child is not enrolled in choir at Millard North, they need to see a counselor ASAP to get it added into their schedule. There is only so much vocal technique that we can teach in a show choir rehearsal. The foundation of good singing needs to be learned in concert choir (Millard North Choirs are: Voce, Cantori or Singers).

Q: What does a standard show choir rehearsal look like?

A: Students need to arrive 30 minutes early to set up risers - at 6:30pm. Rehearsal starts at 7. You will need to be in your room with your director on time in order to not be counted tardy.  Students will be singing and dancing for 2 hours, then conclude rehearsal at 9pm. There is a 15 minute tear window once rehearsal ends and everyone must help!

Q: What is a show choir competition?

A: A show choir competition is an all-day event.  These competitions are what the kids prepare for all year. Prep groups (Intensity) usually perform in the early mornings, 8am or so. Women’s Groups (Illumination) usually perform mid-day, around noon. And Varsity groups (Infinity) usually perform in the late afternoon, around 3pm to 5pm. There is a finals round where the top 6 groups from the day time compete again for the Grand Championship. We require all students to be present for the entirety of the event. We are one team, and therefore uphold all the same rules for all three groups.

Q: How long are competition days?

A: Competition days are all day events.  Usually the call time for students (time when students need to be in the building and signed in) is before 7am. Students travel to the competition and from the competition on provided buses.  We usually return to Millard North any time between 10:30pm-1am depending on how far away the venus is from MN.

Q: How do I receive daily updates and info?

A: Email is our primary form of communication. On our website, you can subscribe to the email list by clicking the Show Choir Emails button.

Q: I am a parent and want to get involved! How?

A: On the Millard North Vocal Music website, find the tab that says Volunteer!

Q: How do I contact you if I have questions?

A: Ask your student first! If your student doesn’t know the answer, email Ms. Tantillo at The phone number for the choir office is (402)715-1372.

Q: Are there any additional fees besides the $600 costume fee?

A: Students are responsible for purchasing makeup, hair supplies, food at competitions (Usually $20 at least) and apparel if they so choose.  You can buy as much of the suggested make up, or choose cheaper brands to be more cost effective! There is also a $60 activity fee, charged by the school. You can this fee with the accountant at the beginning of the year.

Q: Wait, there is specific hair and make-up for the show choirs?

A: Yes, but only for ladies. In year’s past we have asked men to style their hair a certain way but not this year.  Ladies will receive a suggested list of makeup and a hair tutorial with all hair supplies. This will be done in late October during a rehearsal. Men should be well groomed and clean shaven, with their hair cut and out of their face.

Q: $600 is a lot of money. What all does that go toward?

A: The show choir program is fully-funded by the students in the program. Each student gets a costume, each costume is valued around $150-upwards of $300. In addition, the costume fee pays for: Choreographers, Arrangers, rights to arrange, competition registrations, charter buses for longer trips, tights, shoes, spankies, earrings, shoes for men, shirts for men, ties/bowties for men, and any show band or lighting equipment. Believe it or not, we actually work on a very tight budget!

Q: When are competitions held during the year?

A: All competitions are held from January to early March. Competitions are always on Saturdays all day.

Q: How long does it take to get ready for a competition, and how much do ladies need to be uniform?

A: Ladies need to be as uniform as humanly possible.  Ladies hair is a bit difficult to gauge, depending on the hair thickness.  It could take around 2 hours to complete all makeup and hair. We usually ask that ladies are in the homeroom and hour prior call time to get ready with finishing touches.

Q: What is the attire for competition days?

A: Before finals announced, students are required to be in dressy attire. Once finals are announced and your group IS NOT COMPETING IN FINALS, you may change into jeans and Millard North apparel. If your group is competing, you must wait until after the performance to change into casual wear.

Q: What is the attire for rehearsals?

A: Students need to be in tennis shoes and athletic clothes.  You need to come in clothing that is not revealing - school dress code applies. NO SPANDEX SHORTS OR MIDRIFF/CROP TOPS.

Q: What is Galaxy of the Stars?

A: This is the competition that we host here at Millard North.  We use this competition as a fundraiser in order to offset costs to travel. All hands need to be on deck for this event, as we require all students to be involved. It is also a great recruiting opportunity!

Q: What is expected rehearsal etiquette?

A: All Students need to uphold the values of Millard North Show Choirs, which are: Character, Discipline, and Excellence. This means students need to be respectful, responsible and ready for every rehearsal. No phones!

Q: What happens if I need to miss a rehearsal?

A: Directors need to be contacted 24 hours prior to the rehearsal for absences. We operate on a 5 check system, where if a rehearsal is missed for an unexcused absence, they receive a check for that semester. All school activities can be worked around, with prior communication. See the Show Choir handbook for more information.